UE4: An Advanced Real Time Arch Viz Project

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***NOTE: This is a project based course in which a large amount of 3d content will be provided to your for download. The content is yours to use for the course and other purposes. (No resale)

Content Provided to Students:

  • Complete house model (3ds Max + V-Ray / 3ds Max + Corona / .fbx / sketchUp)
  • All necessary texture maps / materials
  • Various furniture models with all materials applied
  • Various object models with materials
  • Foliage Models
  • Models / Materials can be used in both 3ds Max and UE4 (also in .fbx and sketchUp)
  • All models are UVW mapped / unwrapped as necessary


In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about architectural visualization using real time technology with Unreal Engine (UE4), the most advanced and professional real time tool available to arch viz artists (It’s also free). You will also make use of Datasmith, a tool designed to translate your 3d rendering projects into real time (projects can come from 3ds Max, Revit, SketchUp, etc.) The course will be split into several large sections, with some sections coming later as software and techniques evolve.


In the first part of the course, the focus will be on transitioning an existing 3d rendering project into real time UE4. You will learn to achieve photo realism with your materials, lighting and post-processing, all using built-in real time tools. From there, students will generate photo realistic animations and renderings that render in REAL TIME! No more waiting for overnight renderings. Change your camera motions,

Main Features

  • importing using datasmith
  • UE4 materials
  • Lighting techniques and settings
  • Perfect light bakes
  • Fixing Errors
  • Photorealism
  • Animating Cameras and Objects
  • Level Sequencer
  • Lighting with HDRI
  • Foliage / Landscaping
  • Much More

What is the target audience?

SECTION II: (coming soon)

In this section, students will convert and optimize their scene for desktop navigation so that it can be shared with others, and navigated in real time on any computer. We will explore interactivity in this section and start learning about blueprints. Students will also learn to use the UE4 widget system to create interactive menus, buttons, etc.

SECTION III: (coming soon)

Students will optimize their project for VR navigation using a headset. We will look at specific interaction blueprints for VR, and approach the project in a way that gives the best interactive and immersive experience.

Starting Course

After Intro

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